For the past 6 years I've been studying and working hard to be a fantastic developer with a talent for and understanding of many different fields; primarily Production and Art, but delving into Programming too.

2008 - Certificate of Multimedia
2009 - Certificate of Technical Art
2009 - Diploma of Technical Art
2011 - Honour Society Membership
2012 - Production Intern at Scitech
2012 - Bachelor of Creative Industries
2013 - Developer/Producer at Scitech
2013 - GDC Scholar
2013 - Developer/Producer at DAL


During my time at University, a group of friends and myself got together and created a group called Skill Tree. Together, our objective was to improve our skillsoutside of University. Now that we've graduated, we have our own office we work on projects out of.

I was hired by Scitech as their Online and Multimedia Developer before I left University. But I chose to move on a few months later, and became a contract Developer/Producer for Developers At Large. This gave me more free time to work on my own projects, and projects with other developers at Skill Tree.


You can contact me any time via phone!
Mobile 614 6672 6206

I also maintain an online presence in a lot of different areas of the web. If you want to get in touch, feel free to get in touch via the website or contact me through any one of these other means!

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