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Matthew Dyet is a born-and-raised Aussie that grew up and currently lives in Perth, Western Australia. Matt is a total geek, and he’s proud of it. He’s a real people-person, loves to laugh, and he’s passionate about game development. But the latter didn’t happen for quite a long time.

As a kid, Matt spent a lot of time with computers and game consoles. His first experiences with a game console were with the original Nintendo when he was just a kid. However, back then gaming was not at all his passion. It was LEGO that was his major hobby as a kid, but as he grew up and began to grow out of it, he made the difficult decision to sell his rather large LEGO collection and use the money to buy himself a PC. Ironically, the first game he ended out buying for his PC was LEGO Island, but more importantly this was the start of a love affair with computers and gaming.

Spending a lot of his free time online, Matt became a moderator of a LEGO fansite. It was through this site that requests for graphics and artwork started cropping up, and – being rather artistically minded – Matt ended out trying his hand at graphic design. Back then it was a copy of Paint Shop Pro he was using, but it would not be long before he was introduced to Photoshop, and he started to gradually further improve his skills with graphic design. He even ended out making a Bionicle themed RPG using a program called RPGMaker. Matt decided that – whatever it was he would end out doing – would involve either art or computers.

It was in late 2003 that Matt played Halo: Combat Evolved on his PC, and what was a passing interest in computer games became a real vested interest in them. He got more involved in the gaming community, creating Halo art and joining the large fan community over at HBO. He suddenly had found a real passion for videogames, and this was expressed through his graphic design. During this period, Matt had tried several different courses in Traditional Art, It and Multimedia. However, it was at the GO3 expo in 2008 that everything got turned on its head.

Central TAFE (now the Central Institute of Technology) was advertising a brand new course in Game Development they were starting next year, and Matt instantly took to the idea. He loved Multimedia, but games were his real passion. He got enrolled, and in 2009 he was studying to be a Game Technical Artist. During this period he worked on two separate games and honed his skills – not only in Art – but in Programming as well. He ended out working on two separate games, and in both cases he found himself leading the team and being a driving force in its design direction.

Towards the end of his studies he began to consider whether he would go on studying or try to find work, and it was here that Matt found Edith Cowan University. Of all the different offered game degrees, ECU seemed to offer the most balanced degree. Unlike other universities which focused on Art or Programming primarily, ECU offered courses that would allow Matt to move away from his already well-established art skills and learn more about design, programming and production. So Matt took a double major in Games Design and Production alongside Interactive Multimedia to supplement his skills.

Over the course of his time at ECU, Matt has worked on 4 game design documents, 3 small games, 2 larger games, and some interactive, game-influenced projects. He’s found a real love for managing and overseeing tasks to assist his team in creating the best possible game they can, and as such he’s directed himself down the path of Project Management and Production. As a result he’s been taken onboard at Scitech as their Multimedia Project Coordinator / Scrum Master. He’s still got a few months of study left, and intends to make another game before he’s finished. After that, who knows what is next for him!

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Matthew Dyet

Matthew is an Australian born game developer and producer currently living in Perth, Western Australia. He's a man of many hats, and has done art, programming and production at some point in his life. He's a laugh-easy kind of guy, a real people person, and passionate about making games. Contact Me