During his studies, Matt has gotten a few awards for his work. This page covers a few of the ones Matt has received.

Golden Key Certificate

Honour Society membership, awarded for maintaining a 70% average (Honours) at University.

TAFE Best In Show Award

TAFE certificate, awarded for ‘Best in Show’ at that year’s expo. Matt had been showing a wide variety of work in his portfolio, from Game Levels to 2D Animation to 3D Modelling and more.

TAFE Best Student Award

Best Student Award, given by TAFE for Matt’s excellence in the Technical Artist course.

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Matthew Dyet

Matthew is an Australian born game developer and producer currently living in Perth, Western Australia. He's a man of many hats, and has done art, programming and production at some point in his life. He's a laugh-easy kind of guy, a real people person, and passionate about making games. Contact Me