Matt’s past experience has been extremely varied, and this has resulted in the varied skillset he has today. He has been through IT and Traditional Art courses before eventually finding his way to a Multimedia course that led him into Game Development. Game Development has always been an interest to him, and his desire to work in games was particularly stoked by the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. It was Halo that really got him interested in games. For fun, he’s created and run several websites, participated in testing several games and co-led a community of 70+ people through many different games.

You can see Matt’s professional experience in his resume, available for download here. Or alternatively, you can find his LinkedIn here.

Below, you can see the certificates, diplomas and degrees the courses that Matt has completed in recent years.

TAFE Technical Art Diploma

Diploma of Technical Art from TAFE.

TAFE Technical Art Certificate

Certificate of Technical Art from TAFE.

TAFE Multimedia Certificate

Certificate of Multimedia from TAFE.

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Matthew Dyet

Matthew is an Australian born game developer and producer currently living in Perth, Western Australia. He's a man of many hats, and has done art, programming and production at some point in his life. He's a laugh-easy kind of guy, a real people person, and passionate about making games. Contact Me