Project Responsibilities: Design, Production

A simple 2D platforming game in which you play a character through the different ages of game history; starting out with a black and white environment with a square ‘pong’ inspired character, and evolving all the way up to a full 32Bit character in a 32Bit environment. Your objective in the game was to continue collecting Bits that would increase the games complexity and allow you to progress to the final, 32Bit level.

The game was created by a team of 5 in Python, with myself working on art and design for the game.

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Matthew Dyet

Matthew is an Australian born game developer and producer currently living in Perth, Western Australia. He's a man of many hats, and has done art, programming and production at some point in his life. He's a laugh-easy kind of guy, a real people person, and passionate about making games. Contact Me