Project Responsibilities: Art, Design

Clarity is a game in which you take the role of a person that is currently on anti-depressants. Through their eyes you experience the difficulties surrounded by living with depression; the way that the drugs make your mind foggy and sap the world of all its color, and how difficult it can be to get inspired enough to even leave your room every day. It deals with anxiety bought on by even the most simple of day to day interactions that somebody with severe depression experiences. Visitors in the house will make you refuse to leave your room. A postman at the door trying to deliver a package will cause stress.

But the game is meant to be – moreso – about the struggle to overcome these things and to do something with your day. About the few brief moments of clarity in which you can manage to do something productive and make something of your life – hence the name.

Clarity was an incomplete Global Game Jam project undertaken by Dylan Sinnott (Programming) and Matthew Dyet (Art/Design). The gameplay concepts are currently nonexistent, but the engine is functional and you can explore the effects of anti-depressants as you wander around the house. All the 3D models and textures were done by myself.






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