Project Responsibilities: Art, Programming, Design, Production
GAME was created as a project during my final year at Edith Cowan Univeristy. In GAME, you play as both the developer of the game and the character in it. Starting from an early prototype, the game is black and white and made up of simple shapes with no art style. As you play, new art, audio and mechanics are added through the collection of scrum cards – the games points system.

At the start of every sprint (a level) the game tells you how many scrum cards you are required to collect in order to finish the level successfully. At the end of every level, the game would give you a burndown chart showing how well you performed during that period and give you a projected outcome. The next level would either require less or more scrum cards to be collected to finish it successfully depending on your performance in the first level. At the end of the game (after 3 sprints/levels) you would be given a full burndown of your performance through the game, as well as a metacritic score based on how much of the game you had completed.

It was a solo project created in Flash, with all the art and programming done by myself.



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Matthew Dyet

Matthew is an Australian born game developer and producer currently living in Perth, Western Australia. He's a man of many hats, and has done art, programming and production at some point in his life. He's a laugh-easy kind of guy, a real people person, and passionate about making games. Contact Me