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Project Responsibilities: Production
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I joined Scitech on a production internship at the start of the development of Science Fiction Science Future. My objective was to introduce to the Multimedia team a production method that would ensure that they didn’t do overtime and that the exhibition would get completed on schedule. I was given free reign to do whatever I felt necessary as a Producer.

I introduced the team early on to a modified Agile method that is referred to as Scrummerfall, where we set specific deadlines and worked through the design of each of the exhibits to get a task list. From there I was able to tell each team member how many tasks they would need to complete on a day to day basis in order to finish the exhibition on time.

When we went into full development it was not long before issues started to rear their head. It was my responsibility to resolve these problems before they happened. I managed to identify when it was clear that we weren’t going to make the deadline – and we outsourced much of the work early.

The full exhibition was released on time and on schedule, with over a dozen interactive exhibits utilizing complex technologies and custom-built software created by the Multimedia team. Exhibits including complex shaders, the Kinect, eye tracking and more were all successfully launched on time and under budget.



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