Project Responsibilities: Programming, Design, Production
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Redevelopment of the Scitech website using Joomla 3. The task included going over the old Scitech website and reviewing individual pages for their usefulness; identifying areas where we could shift content from one place into another, or simply not use content at all. The objective being to increase the useability of the Scitech website.

While development of the site was never finished before I resigned from Scitech, I was bought on board as a contractor after my resignation to assist them in managing the development of the website with their new web developer; using the information I’d gathered and documentation I’d created to manage the development of the new website and ensure that it was created on time and on schedule, to the design documentation I’d provided.

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Matthew Dyet

Matthew is an Australian born game developer and producer currently living in Perth, Western Australia. He's a man of many hats, and has done art, programming and production at some point in his life. He's a laugh-easy kind of guy, a real people person, and passionate about making games. Contact Me