Second Life Projects


Project Responsibilities: Art, Programming

I’ve undertaken several projects in Second Life, primarily small pro-bono scripting work adding interactivity to the Ardennes sim and its neighbors. Simple things that the average Second Life player does not quite understand how to create – doors that swing open when clicked, a shutter system for a building, and group-only access doors being a few examples.

In addition I’ve also done a whole lot of texture work on modifications for the Mero My Little Pony avatars by great request, and these modifications are currently for sale on the Second Life marketplace. Two expression packs were completed, with several more expression packs in the works (though indefinitely on hold for the time being).Small pieces of furniture and textures meeting the theme specifications for the sim were also created, in keeping with the sort of art style introduced by My Little Pony and required/maintained by the sim administration.

Projects also involved some ‘level building’ prowess, including the construction of buildings to scale using the Second Life toolset, and furnishing spaces.




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Matthew Dyet

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