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Project Responsibilities: Art, Production
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Made up of 8 separate products produced on behalf of Scitech Discovery Center in Perth. Our objective with Spytech / Top Secret was to take an old, outdated and breaking down series of interactive exhibitions and completely redo the software from the ground up – including a full art pass to modernize and standardize the art style used throughout all of the software driven exhibits. Art on all exhibits was my responsibility; images of user interfaces were created by myself to the specification of Scitech.

The most impressive portion of this project was the speed within which the projects were done. We were given a 3 month deadline in which to create a new art style to be used across every exhibit, to concept each exhibit and confirm the pitched functionality with our clients at Scitech, to code and create the exhibit from the ground up in C# using Scitech’s own in-house toolset, to ensure the exhibits worked with the custom built physical exhibits and interfaces, and to test the exhibits thoroughly before they were shipped overseas on tour.

All the exhibits were ‘completed’ in the span of 6 weeks, with 6 weeks given to test, refine and debug issues with the exhibits. They were all shipped off to the United States on time and on schedule without any issues.

Exhibits included:

  •     Downlink – A satellite tracking software simulation
  •     Identikit – A disguise creation interface
  •     Spy Satellite – A spy satellite simulation
  •     code Computer – An interactive dictionary of spy terminology
  •     Guess the Password – A password hacking simulation
  •     Memory Test – A video surveilance simulation
  •     Spy Theatre – An interactive spy encyclopedia
  •     Op Debrief – And a debriefing video

Project was done through Developers At Large and included work by Jetha Chan (Programming), Dylan Sinnott (Programming) and Matthew Dyet (Art/Production).




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